Overlord Season 4: Is it Confirmed? When is the Release Date?

overlord season 4

It's a few long time since the end of Overlord Season 3. In the ending, it says "And The Story Goes On". That message make fans think season 4 seemly to be happen. 

Lately, the isekai become hype and many fans fall in love with it. Overlord, undoubtedly is the one of the best Isekai anime. It's make their fans impatiently waiting for the Overlord Season 4, even after the season 3 just end.

The last episode of season 3, reveals the Ainz's plan to acquire the world. His subordinates ready to fulfill Ainz' dream and make him become the Sorcerer King. First thing, the Season 4 will be adapts from the volume 10 of light novel. It's expected that volumes 10, 11, and 12 will cover the season 4. But, is it actually happening?

Back when KSM Anime, the German's anime discs publisher tweeted out “Incidentally, on Saturday at the Overlord panel, our guests of honor announced the fourth season of Overlord!”. 

However, there is no more details for it. KSM Anime, attended the AnimagiC 2019 convention in Germany. There, Overlord light novel creator, Kugane Maruyama, and anime scriptwiter Yukie Sugawara talk about the production of Overlord Season 4.

That tweet make fans very excited, and make their own speculations. They say that the Season 4 will coming in late 2020 or early 2021. But, it is just fans speculations, no more. 

Just think about Madhouse, the anime studio behind the Overlord production which known for "no for sequels anime series". However, Overlord has two sequels and produced by Madhouse, not like One Punch Man which transferred to  J.C. Staff. It's mean Overlord is special.

In the end, the only we can do is waiting for official confirmation. Without official confirmation it is just rumour. And don't forget about frustation of Kugane Maruyama at fans translations (piracy), it can make the possibility of Season 4 delayed or even cancelled.

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